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Biswas Good Health Tonic 100 ml For Child Care (Pack of 3)

Dr. Biswas Medicare CO: Dr. Biswas Good Health Tonic Safe & Effective Child Health Care Through Authentic Ayurveda.

Buy Ayuredic DYSENTROL TABLET For Digestive and Gastro Care (Pack of 3)

Dysentrol tablet is made up from 22 time tested herbs such as Kutaj ghan, Bilva giri, Endrayava, Haridra, Mochrasa, Maror fali, Dhataki, Kattha, Amra, Jaiphal etc. Dysentrol tablet is effective in diarrhea and its related complications. Dysentrol is also available in Syrup form for the children’s.

Buy Ayurvedic Dehlvi Braini Tonic For Memory Power Tonic (Pack of 3)

Mental Fatigue after long hours of study or other sorts of mental activity, a sense of vacant-mindedness, forgetfulness, disinclination to work, senile dementia, depression, dullness, inactivity and sluggishness, lack of urge to take initiative and drive, general debility, loss of appetite, muscular strain or weakness and anxiety and stress during examinations.

Buy Ayurvedic Lama Krimi Ghatini Bati For Children Worms (Pack of 3)

Lama Krimi Ghatini Bati Useful for children and adult in all kind of worms.

Buy Ayurvedic Lama Shulwarjini Bati 10 Gm For Online (Pack of 3)

Lama Shulwarjini Bati Useful in colic, gastritis, intestinal flatulance and dyspepsia.

Buy Ayurvedic NURO-T Capsule For Improved Nervine Systems (Pack of 3)

NURO-T Capsule Useful in improved nervine systems.

Buy Ayurvedic Shree Dhanwantri LIVOSYP DROPS For Online (Pack of 3)

Livosyp Drops is specially designed to treat various liver disorders of infants and children. It is prepared from Kutki, Kakmachi, Kalmegh, Bhangra, Punarnava, kasni and other time tested herbs . Livosyp Drops is safe and effective hepatoprotective syrup.