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Book Now Ayurvedic Dabur Vasavaleha Stomach Pain (Pack of 3)

Respiratory disorders, Bleeding disorders, Fever, Abdomen pain etc.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Bhuvaneshwar Ras Online For Diarrhoea (Pack of 3)

Diarrhoea, Dysentery,Indigestion, Loss of appetite and Flatulence.

Buy Ayurvedic Constipation Care Nityam Churna For Online (Pack of 3)

100% Ayurvedic Laxative: Nityam Churna Now Experience Freedom From Constipation.

Buy Ayurvedic Cool Kuntal Hair oil For Lowest Price (Pack of 3)

1. Keeps the head cool. 2. Eliminates headache. 3. Eliminates insomnia. 4. Helps protect the power of remembrance. 5. Muscle refreshes. 6. Eliminates fatigue.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Arshakuthar Ras 40 Tablets For Piles (Pack of 3)

Dabur Arshakuthar Ras is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form.It is used for the treatment bleeding and non-bleeding Piles.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Ashokarishta

Dabur Ashokarishta is an Ayurveda tonic beneficial for women in difficulties of those days.
Dabur Ashokarishta is an Ayurvedic Health Tonic beneficial for women in difficulties of those days. Ashokarishta contains goodness of medicinal plants like Ashoka, Dhataki, Musta, Haritaki and Amlaki, which have anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties as recommended by our Indian ayurved.
Dabur Ashokarishta ensures active and energetic life throughout the month in females.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Ashwagandha Churna For Low Prices (Pack of 3)

Dabur Ashwagandha Churna Helps to improve Strength & Stamina.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Chandraprabha Vati 80 Tablets (Pack of 3)

. Helps relieve urinary tract infections . Used for treating indigestion . Increase strength in the body

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Kaishore Guggulu 60 Tablets Low Price In India (Pack of 3)

. It helps heal wounds and ulcer . It has anti-inflammatory properties . It helps in keeping gout in control . It helps in skin diseases.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Kutajghan Vati 40 Tablets (Pack of 3)

Diarrhoea, Dysentery associated with fever, bleeding piles, stomach infections, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur PILOchek 60 Tablets For Hemorrhoids (Pack of 3)

PILOchek Tablet Effective Relief From Pain and Discomfort.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Rajahpravartini Vati 60 Tablets (Pack of 3)

Symptoms associated with Pre Menstrual Tension and Dysmenorrhoea like back pain, pain in lower abdomen and thighs. It is also useful in disorders like burning sensation in hands and feet...Also recommended in Amenorrhoea.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Rheumatil Oil 50 ml Low Price In India (Pack of 3)

Rheumatil Oil Effective Relief from Musculoskeletal and Joint Pains.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Rheumatil Tablets For Musculoskeletal Joint Pain (Pack of 3)

Musculoskeletal, Joint Pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-rheumatic, anti-oxidant, muscle spasms,nervous debility, cervical,lumbar spondylosis.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Triphala Guggulu 40 Tablets For Online (Pack of 3)

It is widely used in the Ayurvedic treatment of weight loss, piles, fistula and inflammatory conditions.

Buy Ayurvedic Dabur Yograj Guggulu 60 Tablets For Online (Pack of 3)

All Rheumatic problems, Nervine problems, Skin diseases, Piles, Dysentery, Diabetes, Gout, Pain in Umbilicus, Fistula, Epilepsy, Chest congestion, Indigestion, Breathlessness, Cough and loss of taste.

Buy Ayurvedic Lama Krimi Ghatini Bati For Children Worms (Pack of 3)

Lama Krimi Ghatini Bati Useful for children and adult in all kind of worms.

Buy Ayurvedic Lama Yashtimadhu Churna For Online (Pack of 3)

Lama Yashtimadhu Churna Effective in sore-throat and cough & cold.

Buy Ayurvedic Tulsi Plus Cough Syrup 100 ml For Cough and Cold (Pack of 3)

NEW IMPROVED FORMULATION Tulsi Plus Syrup Useful In cough Relief and Immunity Booster.

Buy Best I-Fresh Eye Drops For Healthy & Bright (Pack of 3)

Keeps eyes cool discards glasses keeps eyes healthy and bright.  

Buy Best Price Abhrak Bhasm 10 Gm For Gastric Ulcer (Pack of 3)

Lama Abhrak Bhasm is prepared from mica and juices of several other indigenous drugs. It is extremely useful in the treatment of asthma, old age debility, phthisis, and skin diseases. It is also a haematinic, provides adequate energy and also has a calming effect on the body.

Buy Dabur Gastrina Tablets very Low Price in India

Dabur's Gastrina is one of the top ayurvedic medicines for flatulence, abdominal pain & gas which is formulated using various medicinal plants as recommended by ayurveda in India. Its regular use helps in relieving a multitude of abdominal issues including abdominal gas, abdominal discomfort, belching, feeling of fullness and abdominal pain. The natural ingredients in the tablet include citrus lemon, ferula asafetida, black salt etc., makes it a natural and safe cure for stomach related diseases.

Buy Dabur Madhu Rakshak

Dabur Madhu Rakshak is an ayurvedic medicine for diabetes formulated using various medicinal plants & ingredients like Jamun, Karela, Methi and numerous other natural ingredients which aim to protect you from the harmful effects of diabetes and its related problems as recommended by ayurved.

Buy Elixir fair Aloe vera Gel For Ultra Soft Skin (Pack Of 3)


Buy Energy Booster Himalaya Ashvagandha General Wellness (Pack of 3)

Ashwagandha contains chemicals that might help calm the brain, reduce swelling (inflammation), lower blood pressure, and alter the immune system. In addition, normal blood pressure, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, boosting energy, increase energy Himalaya Ashvagandha General Wellness.

Buy Fast Relief Dabur Rheumatil Gel For Arthritis (Pack of 3)

Rheumatil Gel for symptomatic relief from musculoskeletal & joint pains associated with conditions such as arthritis, fibrositis, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, backaches, muscular sprains and spasms.

Buy Gopal Pain Nil Powder For Joint Pain(Pack of 20)

Gopal Herbal: Pain nil is an effective herbal formulation to provide quicker relief in joint and muscles pain. Pain Nil Powder is extremely used for Joints Pain, Gathiya / Gout Athritis, Chikungunya joints pain, Arthritis and various kinds of such pain diseases.

Buy Lama Arjunchall Churna 100 Gm For Fractured (Pack of 3)

Lama Arjunchall Churna is a portent cardiac tonic which helps in strengthening the heart and keeps it healthy. It has 100% pure arjun chhal extract which is proven ayurvedic medication for strong heart and bilious affections. It can also help as a remedy for fracture

Buy Lama Banga Bhasma 10 Gm Online at Low Prices (Pack of 3)

Banga Bhasma is beneficial in diseases of male and female reproductive system. Its effects appear on uterus, ovaries, testes and genitals. Bang Bhasma is highly beneficial in adrenal gland diseases especially adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficiency.

Buy Lama Basant Malti Ras with Gold 2.5 Gm Low Price in india

Basant Malti Ras is a completely natural herbal formula that can treat some of the most common, yet debilitating diseases. It is best used in the treatment of respiratory problems in adults.

Buy Morning Freshness Parth Gayab Churna (Pack of 3)

Parth Gayab Churna is useful in chronic constipation, acidity & headache. it also purifies intestines & bowels. it can be taken on regular base without acute weakness by sensitive patients too. it clears the bowels in the morning & provides freshness.

Buy Now 20% Extra Purity Guaranteed Dabur Honey (1kg+200g free)

Dabur Honey Good for weight management and a natural immunity booster, Dabur Honey is all you need. A spoonful of honey taken with warm water in the morning is known to aid weight management. A healthy substitute to sugar. It is known to be a good source of energy as its natural sugar and carbohydrates can easily be digested by the body. Aids digestion.

Buy Now 20% Extra Purity Guaranteed Dabur Honey (500g+100g free)

Dabur Honey Good for weight management and a natural immunity booster, Dabur Honey is all you need. A spoonful of honey taken with warm water in the morning is known to aid weight management. A healthy substitute to sugar. It is known to be a good source of energy as its natural sugar and carbohydrates can easily be digested by the body. Aids digestion.

Buy Online RHEUMO DS CAPSULE For Best Price In India (Pack of 3)

Rheumo D.S Capsule improves quality of life in Rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumo D.S is the combination of time tested herbs such as Rasna , Shallaki, Kuchla Shuddha, Vatsanabh Shuddha etc. Rheumo D.S Capsule improves the movability of joints and prevents pain, inflammation and stiffness of joints in rheumatoid arthritis.

Dabur Active Antacid

Get lasting relief from the dual menaces of acidity and gas with Dabur Active Antacid which is an ayurvedic medicine for acidity and gas. Get rid of the burning sensation and accompanied discomfort that makes you regret every meal you savour. Enriched with special healing medicinal plants & ingredients like Trivirt, Bhringaraja, Guduchi and Yashtimadhu as suggested by our Indian Ayurveda; the quick relief formulation help eliminate the core cause of your trouble within  seconds!

Dabur Active Blood Purifier

Dabur Active Blood Purifier is an ayurvedic medicine for Pimples & Glowing Skin formulated using medicinal plants as recommended by Indian ayurveda which purifies blood to give you pimple free skin with natural glow. Its natural formulation works from inside to purify blood and attacks bacteria so that the blood gets purified and there is improvement in pimples or other skin ailments.

Dabur Agastya Haritaki Avaleha

Do you often feel breathless? Fight the signs of breathlessness by including Dabur Agastya Haritaki Avaleha in your daily lifestyle which is an ayurvedic medicine for Ashtma & Bronchitis as recommended by Indian Ayurveda. This age old formulation has been used since time immemorial for treating and providing relief in diseases related to the respiratory system. It is highly-effective in treating allergic respiratory conditions like asthma and chronic bronchitis.  Its regular use will greatly reduce instances of breathlessness and help you lead a healthier life.

Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya

It is an Ayurvedic body building supplement that is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and nervine tonic. Dabur Ashwagandhadi Lehya is an Ayurvedic medicine for Stamina & Muscle Strength formulated using ayurvedic herbs as recommended by ayurved in India, which helps fight tiredness, increases muscle strength and sexual vigour.

Dabur Ashwagandharishta

Dabur Ashwagandharishta is an ayurvedic medicine formulated using important medicinal plants like Ashwagandha, Mushali, Manjishtha, Haritaki and Nisha; which are helpful in treating sexual and mental disorders as recommended by ayurved in India.

Dabur Baby Massage Oil

Dabur Baby as a brand focuses exclusively on products developed using natural ingredients, which are safe and provide nourishment to babies. These products have been created through extensive research by understanding the essential needs of babies’ tender skin and hair. Dabur has gone a step ahead and ensured that safe practices are being followed in designing these products.
Dabur Baby does not encourage the use of any form of artificial colours, paraffin and paraben. Dabur Baby Massage Oil is a unique blend of premium natural oils like - Olive & Almond, which provide the baby’s body the required nourishment.
Olive is known to help provide nourishment to the baby’s skin, while Almond is known to gently moisturize your baby’s delicate skin making it soft and supple.

Dabur Brahmi Amla Kesh Tel

"Ismain Hai Brahmi aur Amla ka Poshan Vitamin E ke saath, jo de zyaada ghanay aur zyaada shiny baal"


Dabur Broncorid Syrup is an ayurvedic medicine for Bronchitis with anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, formulated using various medicinal plants as recommended by Indian Ayurveda. It aids in battling chronic respiratory disorders as well as allergic bronchitis. It is mucolytic and expectorant.

Dabur Camne Vid

Dabur Camne Vid is an ayurvedic medicine for Premature Ejaculation & Sperm Count which is a powerful aphrodisiac for men that help to increase their sexual vigour and regain lost vitality. It is a mix of unique medicinal plants that help to treat premature ejaculation, sexual weakness and aids in increasing the sperm count as recommended by Ayurved. Its regular use will promote overall sexual health in males.

Dabur Chyawanprash

  • Derived from 2,500-year-old Ayurvedic formula
  • Totally chemical-free, natural and safe
  • Combination of herbs and plant extracts in a base of Amla fruit pulp
  • Refined by Dabur to provide traditional goodness with best quality

Dabur Hajmola Yoodley

The new Hajmola Yoodley is available in six different variants - Ajooba Aam Panna , Nimboora Shikanji, Guava No. 1, Jazbaati Jaljeera, Golmaal Golgappa & Kabhi Kala Kabhi Khatta.

Dabur Hepano

Dabur's Hepano is one of the top ayurvedic medicinesfor healthy liver formulated using various medicinal plants which protects your liver from various hepatotoxins as recommended by Indian Ayurveda. Hepatotoxins are chemicals such as heavy metals, synthetic chemicals etc., which can cause liver damage.

Dabur Honey

Benefit from the goodness of honey with a daily dose of Dabur Honey and treat your mind, body and soul to a healthier lifestyle. Take your first step towards building your overall positive health with the many benefits of Honey today! Find out all you need to know about Dabur Honey - One of the Best Honey Brand in India today! Explore Dabur's other Ayurvedic products & medicines which are formulated using various effective medicinal plants as recommended by Indian Ayurveda.

Dabur ImuDab Syrup

Dabur's ImuDab Syrup is one of the top ayurvedic medicines for immunity & strength for children formulated using various medicinal plants as recommended by ayurved in India. It is packed with natural anti-oxidants that fight damage caused by free radicals, which are essentially toxic molecules. It helps battle poor immunity, infections and respiratory problems etc.

Dabur Khadiradi Gutika

Do you suffer from the problems of sore throat, stomatitis and cough? Try Dabur Khadiradi  Gutika for lasting relief from your problems. This is Dabur's one of the top ayurvedic medicines for sore throat & cough which is a combination of unique medicinal plants including Khadira Sar, Pushkar Mool, Karkat Shringi and Katphala as recommended by ayurved that work as a miracle in decreasing the pain and hoarseness in  throat. Its regular use  will work as a saviour in any kind of throat related problem thus giving you the benefit of a healthier lifestyle.

Dabur Lauhasava

Anaemia is a common problem especially among females that often becomes the cause of  weakness and exhaustion in them. Dabur Lauhasava is an ayurvedic medicine for Iron Deficiency & Anaemia which is a combination of naturally processed iron and essential medicinal plants that are helpful in treating iron deficiency and anaemia as recommended by ayurveda in India. Its other uses include treatment of swelling, inflammation, liver and spleen conditions, itching, diabetes, gulma, ascites, piles, asthma, anorexia, cough, fistula, grahani and other diseases pertaining to the digestive system.

Dabur Laxirid Syrup

Dabur Laxirid Syrup is an ayurvedic medicine for Constipation which contains the magical Ayurvedic herb, Kala Nisoth, which acts a natural laxative as recommended by Indian ayurveda.

Dabur Laxirid Tablets

Dabur Laxirid is an Ayurvedic formulation which aids in relieving constipation. It is Dabur's one of the top ayurvedic medicines for constipation made using medicinal plants such as Svarnapatri and Yavani, which are natural purgatives used to treat constipation as recommended by ayurveda in India.


Dabur Mensta Syrup is a formulation directed solely at restoring women’s health. It acts as a menstrual modulator and has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic as well as antioxidant properties.

Dabur Nature Care Isabgol Powder

Nature Care Isabgol Powder is a powdered Pysillium-based natural laxative for relief from constipation. It is Dabur's one of the top ayurvedic medicines for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) specially formulated using triple refined Isabgol which is produced from a unique medicinal plant planovate as recommended by ayurved in India. It is sweetened with sucralose, adding sweet taste to otherwise tasteless Isabgol, but is low in calories and diabetic friendly. It is natural and safe and has a tangy orange taste for better taste! Each spoon of 5gms provides approximately 15% of average daily fibre.

Dabur Nature Care Regular

Dabur Nature Care Regular is a powdered Pysillium-based natural laxative for relief from constipation. Nature Care Regular is sweeter compared to otherwise tasteless Isabgol. It is natural and safe, rich in natural fibre and maintains the overall gut health. Try this ayurvedic medicine for constipation for instant relief.

Dabur PILOchek Gel

Dabur PILOchek Gel is an Ayurvedic gel which aims to provide effective relief from the pain and discomfort of piles. It is Dabur's one of the top ayurvedic medicines for piles which contains natural ingredients & medicinal plants such as Tila oil, Nimba oil, Udumbara and Yashti etc., which also aids in reducing the recurrence of this problem as recommended by ayurveda in India.

Dabur Real Burrst

Réal Burrst, the latest addition to Dabur Foods portfolio, has a range of light & refreshing fruit beverage.
Available in 4 exciting flavours of Mixed Fruit, Crispy Apple, Orange Bytez and Mango Mania; Réal Burrst promises an experience that delivers refreshment through lightness of fresh fruits to you.
Réal Burrst comes in an attractive tetrapack highlighting the 'Lite and Refreshing' qualities of fruits that it brings to you.
Réal Burrst marks the company's foray into the fruit beverages market in a big way. The non-fizzy cool flavours from Réal Burrst offer the ultimate refreshment to consumers.

Dabur Shwaasamrit-100 gm Pack Of 3

Ayurvedic Medicine for Asthma & Bronchitis: Dabur Shwaasamrit Breathe easy with Dabur Shawaasamrit. Dabur’s Shwaasamrit is one of the top ayurvedic

Dabur Sitopaladi Churna

Sitopaladi Churna is an ayurvedic medicine for cold and cough. It is made from medicinal plants like Pippali, which is one of the best expectorants available in nature as recommended by Indian ayurveda.
It gets absorbed into the body and provides nutrition and energy to digest the mucous conditions.

Dabur Stondab Syrup

Dabur's Stondab Syrup is one of the top ayurvedic medicines for kidney stones formulated using various medicinal plants which helps relieve urinary calculus and other urinary related symptoms as recommended by ayurveda in India. Be sure to re-cap it tightly after use.